How to Achieve Your Travel Resolutions

What are you resolving to do in 2019? Many will hit the gym, decide to spend less time on their phones, maybe even pick up a new hobby. We [Read More…]

Famous Amsterdam Sculpture Disappears

“I Amsterdam,” a red-and-white lettered sculpture that once sat prominently outside the Rijksmuseum, has been removed.

Mass-tourism is the reason behind the decision. The letters “were removed at the request [Read More…]

500 Million Exposed in Marriott Data Breach

A data breach of Marriott’s Starwood Guest reservation database exposed the personal information of 500 million people. (To put this number into perspective, the infamous Equifax breach exposed only [Read More…]

Can Uber Compete with a Gold Lamborghini?

Miwhip (pronounced “my whip”, whip being slang for car) is a brand new ridesharing app, and it is changing the roads of London in a surprising—and sparkly—way. In addition to their fleet of [Read More…]