FAA Officially Allows Electronics During “All Phases of Flight”

Turn Off Electronics

The phrase “Please power down anything with an on/off button” will soon no longer be part of the commercial flying routine – in a rare development that [Read More…]

WATCH OUT: Your Seats Are Shrinking

Wallstreet Journal Seat

Oh, the allure of business class. Flat-bed seats, on-board chefs and the comfort of privacy are all high-paying fliers need to justify the cost.

And while air travel [Read More…]

Airline Mess-Ups: How to Turn a ‘No’ into a ‘Yes’


Air travelers have to put up with a lot of nonsense these days. Delays, cancellations, getting bumped off a flight – they’re all grounds for accommodation and compensation from [Read More…]

8 Ways to Make Flying Less Miserable

Miserable Flying

Gone are the days when air travel was a fun part of the experience of travel. These days, not only is flying no-frills, it’s minimalistic nature leads to [Read More…]

The Truth About Airfare “Unbundling”: It’s Fraud!

American Airlines Checked Baggage

The air-traveling public should have been alarmed the moment American Airlines took away the ability to check a bag at no extra charge.

Five short years later, [Read More…]

Premium Economy: The Best Deal of All

British Airways Premium Economy Cabin

British Airways Premium Economy Cabin

A Little More Legroom, Priced as an Upgrade

“Premium economy internationally is basically the same as or better than domestic [Read More…]