Miwhip (pronounced “my whip”, whip being slang for car) is a brand new ridesharing app, and it is changing the roads of London in a surprising—and sparkly—way. In addition to their fleet of standard vehicles, Miwhip has included Rolls-Royces, Lamborginis, and Ferraris painted in gold.

To ride in these supercars won’t cost you any more than the standard car, but don’t expect your whip to be a gold one every time.

This is how Miwhip works: When you request a ride, you are placed into a lottery for a gold supercar. Miwhip claims they are 1 in 100, so those are your odds for every trip. But in addition to this lottery, there is a loyalty program where you are rewarded with a gold supercar on your 100th ride.

The app launched last week, and while you can download it now, the service won’t be available until early 2019.