The Seven Circles of Coach Hell


More and more people are flying business, and we all know why: riding coach is like sitting at the back of a bus for many hours, except without [Read More…]

What Happens to Your Miles When You Die?

ImageWhat Happens to Your Miles When You Die?

What if your loved one spent decades accruing frequent flier miles?  Could you inherit those miles?

The short answer: inheriting miles is a hassle, [Read More…]

When “Lie-Flat” Seats Fall Flat (Or Don’t)

3_full-flat-seats_tcm233-349582Some business class travelers are already familiar with the disappointment shrouding an airline’s “lie-flat” seats. You’re paying for a business class ticket to avoid the hours of back pain [Read More…]

5 Reasons You Should Opt Out of TSA Scanners

ImageGeneral Strike for Holiday Travelers?

Next week at the airports is one of the busiest of the year. Some travel experts are asking that we use this peak travel [Read More…]