What should be included in the price of a ticket?

Included in Airfare

The definition of an airline ticket is changing, and it will continue to change.

What is it you’re paying for exactly, asks consumer advocate Christopher Elliot. Transportation? A [Read More…]

10 ways travel is better than it’s ever been

Travel Better than Ever

There’s plenty of talk about the Golden Age of travel and how miserable flying is these days. Air travel can take note from the past in [Read More…]

How the new DOT rule will benefit air travelers

Ancillary Fees

The Department of Transportation proposed a new rule Wednesday that would force airlines to disclose fees for services such as checked bags and advance seat assignments [Read More…]

How Business Class and Economy Are Essentially the Same Price?

Coach Versus BusinesesAfter the Great Recession, U.S. travelers are constantly on the lookout for the most economical option. Often times this means slumming it in horrid Coach-class seats, which seem [Read More…]

How to Get a Refund on a Non-refundable Ticket

Airfare Refund

When purchasing a flight for a trip you have to take, cheaper non-refundable airfares are the way to go.

But, what happens if you cancel or change your flight [Read More…]

How to Lighten Your Luggage Load

If you’re longing for past days of free luggage check-ins and ample weight allowance, you’re wasting your time.

Overhead bins are too small. Airlines want to check your bags to speed up the boarding process and earn billions in luggage [Read More…]

Should Congress Give Airlines Permission to Lie?

Travel Agent

Travel companies are liars, says consumer advocate Christopher Elliot.

If the Transparent Airfares Act of 2014 sails ceremoniously through Congress, the they’ll  be able to [Read More…]