F.A.A.: We Can Finally Keep Our Gadgets Powered On

Alec Baldwin Words With Friends

Alec Baldwin will be a happy man.

The Federal Aviation Administration plans to relax most of the restrictions involving electronic devices during takeoff and landing.

The F.A.A [Read More…]

JetBlue’s Hilarious New Ad Sympathizes With Fliers’ Pligh

JetBlue Pigeon

JetBlue’s new ad campaign comparing pigeons to today’s air travelers is hilarious.

Opening with the line “AIR ON THE SIDE OF HUMANITY”, the genius, artfully crafted dig at competing airlines [Read More…]

Zip Through Airports Without Taking Off Your Shoes

Precheck 1

Zipping through airport security without taking off your shoes will no longer be a thing of the past—nor a luxury for a certain few passengers.

Now that the TSA [Read More…]