7 Things You Should Know About Business Travel

Business Class Travel

Business travel evolves far too fast to worry about the past. Anything that happened before airline deregulation in 1978 is considered prehistoric, while anything between deregulation and [Read More…]

5 Reasons Why Flying Won’t Be Fun in the Future

Crowded Plane

Consumer advocate Christopher Elliot has a dismal outlook for the future of the airline industry.

Somehow, “free” flights will be more expensive. Airlines will take your money in both large [Read More…]

2013 Airline Rankings Rate Virgin America Top-Notch

Virgin America

Virgin America remains at the top of the annual airline quality report released earlier this week, with JetBlue and Hawaiian Airlines trailing close behind.

Delta came in fourth for [Read More…]

How to Find Hidden Fees

Hidden Airline FeeGotcha” fees are everywhere, lurking in the corners, waiting to snatch your money at any unsuspecting moment.

Take codesharing: where an airline pretends  flights are its own, [Read More…]