Flight Canceled and the Airline Agent Isn’t Helping You? Here’s What to Say:


Everyone knows how annoying and stressful it can be when there is a problem with your flight. And the annoyance is 10x worse when the [Read More…]

Lufthansa Premium Economy Deals

New York to Frankfurt: from $1,259
Boston to Berlin: from $1,819
Washington to Naples: from $1,499
Los Angeles to Nice: from [Read More…]

How Much Do Travel Agents Make?


How lucrative is the travel industry, really? You might be surprised to learn that salaries for customer service jobs at travel agencies and airlines [Read More…]

Fly Business Class to Seoul on Asiana

Chicago to Seoul: from $3,201
Seattle to Seoul: from $3,201
Honolulu to Seoul: from $2,309
This is with Asiana. Travel permitted until May [Read More…]

Fly Premium Economy Texas to England

Between Llano and Mason in the Texas hill country, storm clouds move to the east as the sun sets in the west over this lone Oak tree and a field of mixed wildflowers, <a href=[Read More…]

Air France Specials to Paris Premium Economy


Los Angeles to Paris: from $1,406
San Francisco to Paris: from $1,455
Washington D.C. to Paris: from $1,285
New York to Paris: from $1,427
The advance [Read More…]

Are Flight Attendants the Perfect Drug Mules?

Earlier this year, a JetBlue flight attendant was caught trying to smuggle 11 packages of cocaine (about $3 [Read More…]

Business Class from Chicago to Europe


Chicago to Frankfurt: from $2,096
Chicago to Munich: from $2,096
Chicago to Dusseldorf: from $2,096
Chicago to Budepest: from $2,146
Chicago to [Read More…]

Here’s Why You’re Bumping Your Head When You Fly


When it comes to the distance between your nose and the mini TV screen on the back of the headrest in front of you, how close is too close for [Read More…]

Great Deal to China on Hainan Airlines


Las Vegas to Beijing: from $2,521
You must book by December 31. 3-day minimum stay. Please keep in mind that all fares are subject to [Read More…]