What are you resolving to do in 2019? Many will hit the gym, decide to spend less time on their phones, maybe even pick up a new hobby. We hope to follow through with all of these resolutions in 2019. But when you’re a part of the travel world, you also make some less common resolutions—travel resolutions.

Travel Resolutions are like a bucket list that expires at the end of the year. It isn’t always easy to get around to visiting all the places you want to visit in a year, but remember this: A dream with a date is a goal. A goal with steps is a plan. And a plan with an action—that’s reality!

These are the places our agents resolve to visit in 2019. If you need some help putting your plan for 2019 to action, these are the people to call!

Agent Jackie Willson wants to visit Cinque Terre, Italy. Cinque Terre is a string of five towns along the Italian coastline. It’s great for hiking. She will get there by flying Emirates to Milan and then taking a train to Cinque Terre. She also resolves to visit Madeira, Portugal in 2019.

Agent Fabrizio Peralta also wants to visit the Italian Coast. He also resolves to visit Greece in 2019.

Agent Carlos Armasan is going to travel to Argentina. He will visit Patagonia, Buenos Aires, and Mendoza. He will go on wine tours, and is especially looking forward to Asado. (Asado is barbequed meat. Fun fact: an Asador is a “grill master.” Now you know what to call the hero manning the grill at your next block party.)

Agent Nick Fleetwood resolves to go to Toubkal National Park in Morocco. He would like to ski in Park City, Utah, and go surfing with dolphins in Bocas Del Toro.

Agent Sally Rodriguez resolves to visit Costa Rica in 2019. She loves the beauty of the animals and farmland.

Agent Kausha Ghia will be taking a cruise out of Vancouver to sight-see in Alaska. She also will take a historical and cultural trip to India, and will fly on Lufthansa to Norway to enjoy nature.

In the New Year, Blake Fleetwood, President of Cook Travel, would like to go skiing in New Zealand. He is also resolving to visit China and the Galapagos in 2019.

So, where will you be in 2019? Tell us in the comments.