Delta Airlines: Re-branded Summer Fares

New York to Frankfurt: $2,168

Raleigh to Paris: $2,108

New York to Venice: $2,108

Atlanta to Rome: $2,498

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Lufthansa: Premium Economy at $1,200 R/T to Europe

New York to Frankfurt: $1,199

Washington to Naples: $1,669

Los Angeles to Nice: $1,789

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Delta Business Bargains to Europe

New York to Frankfurt: $2,069

Pittsburgh to Paris: $2,099

Detroit to Rome: $2,199

Atlanta to Madrid: $2,409

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Air New Zealand: $2,200 to the South Pacific

Los Angeles to Raratonga: $2,066

The eye-opening initial price was just $1,998 roundtrip. The deal has been regularly revived at prices fluctuating between $1,800 and $2,200. It disappeared for [Read More…]

How to Improve Airline Customer Service

Southwest Airlines offers some of the best service in the US airline industry. And there is something else unique about Southwest: their flight attendants are unionized. Could happier workers be the key to improving customer service at all airlines?

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Is It Possible to Accidentally Board the Wrong Plane? Yes.

“Thousands of Passengers End Up At The Wrong Airport Every Year,” reports Blake Fleetwood in the Huffington Post.

What with increased airport security in recent years, you might think it would be impossible for a passenger [Read More…]