Technology Is Helping Airlines Find Lost Luggage

luggageLost luggage is every flyer’s worst nightmare. The worst is when airlines admit they don’t know where the bag is. But an array of new services might help track [Read More…]

Travel Tech CEO Falls for $1.7 Million Scam

Thomas Wagner, founder of Germany’s largest package tourism company, was conned out of 1.5 million euros (approximately $1.7 million USD) earlier this summer after flying [Read More…]

Mean-Spirited Fees Are Driving Flyers Crazy

hidden fees

The hidden costs of airline travel have been getting steadily worse in recent years. The trouble started in 2008, when the economic recession caused airlines to start raising fees wherever they [Read More…]

10 Tips for Avoiding Jet Lag

Most travelers try to make the most of their limited time overseas, yet fail to take into account the leap in time zones they make in a matter of hours. It can take your body’s internal clock several days [Read More…]

Best Airline Lounges in the World

Americans almost can’t help but think of ourselves at the center of the universe, privy to the best of the best. But a new report from Hipmunk on the best airport lounges across the world doesn’t even see [Read More…]

How to Avoid Long Lines at the Airport

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Mad about long lines? Take a number.

More than 1 in 5 Americans will cancel their summer travel plans or find [Read More…]

6 of Europe’s Finest Luxury Spas

Seekers of the divine, perhaps you’ve heard — European Spas are having a resurgence, after playing second fiddle to the pleasure palaces of Asia for the last two decades.Now revitalized and resplendent, they promise health, fitness and pampering at [Read More…]


What used to be a visit to a farmer’s simple vineyard followed by the tasting of their wine out in the field – have no fear, this still exists in many places – have become high-end affairs in many [Read More…]

Best Five European Golf Resorts


The original nine-hole course was designed by Mackenzie Ross in 1936 and profits from a forest of mature trees. These holes have been remodelled by course designer Cameron & [Read More…]