Paranoia over Brexit, Pound Plunges to Lowest Level

If you live in the U.S., now might be the perfect time for a trip to London. The pound is at a seven-week low against the US dollar. On Oct. 26 the pound was [Read More…]

You need to stop sharing your #boardingpass

You should never post your boarding pass on social media, no matter how badly you want to brag about #firstclass.

Let’s start with the obvious: your boarding pass tells people you’re going on [Read More…]

Don’t Stay Home for Christmas

Take a year from discussing politics with your Uncle Joe around the Christmas ham.

Maybe—just maybe—instead of being home for the holidays, you should try a vacation instead.

Consider this: a [Read More…]

Pets on Planes: Are the Dogs Really Winning?

On U.S. Planes, the Dogs are Winning–according to Scott McCartney WSJ who paints a picture of planes as zoos, overcrowded with biting, barking, and peeing pets.

While the increase [Read More…]