7 Ways To Find The Best Airfares

Best Price

As most seasoned travelers know, airfares are never guaranteed. On any given day, prices can go up or down without notice, but these tips will help you snag [Read More…]

How to Beat Flight Delays



It’s one of the worst words to come across. And even worse? Cancellations.

On any given day, 20 to 25 percent of flights are delayed or canceled [Read More…]

How Come Only the Elite Flyers Get to See the Best Seats?


What you see isn’t necessarily what’s there.

At least that holds true for most airline customers, who often don’t get an accurate view picture on seating in Economy Class until [Read More…]

How much would YOU pay to skip customs?

The customs line at John F. Kennedy Airport

Think air travel is abysmal these days? Well, if you haven’t flown internationally lately, you’re in for quite the cumbersome surprise: record-long wait [Read More…]

Now THIS is how to write a complaint letter


Sugar catches more flies than vinegar.

Or in this case, a satiric complaint letter commands more attention than an angry one.

In fact, this letter was so captivatingly funny that Virgin [Read More…]