Why Travel Is Important Today More Than Ever

Jonathan Look Jr., who retired at age 50 to travel the world, believes “Travel is the antidote to our fears.”

In a thought-provoking article for Forbes, Look talks about how scary our world can [Read More…]

The Ultimate Travel Bucket List

from PlacePass:

Maybe it’s touring the Colosseum, or walking along the Great Wall of China. Maybe it’s finally seeing the world from the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro, or floating 1,400 [Read More…]

The New iPhone is the Best for International Travel (By Far!)

What makes the iPhone XS the best iPhone for international travel is simple: the XS comes with dual-SIM capability. The SIM card is the chip in your cellphone that [Read More…]

Will Elon Musk, Amazon Build Hotels in Space?

Aurora Station will be the first luxury space hotel in the known universe. If you’re physically fit, have three months to undergo accelerated astronaut training (and 9.5 million dollars [Read More…]