Remote schooling is the latest perk luxury hotels are offering.

Any parent will tell you: virtual schooling is HARD work. 

Whether it’s making sure your child stays on task, correctly turns in their homework, or troubleshoots a [Read More…]

Hop the Pond for the holidays: Travel Corridor between U.K. and NYC opening in the coming weeks

In an effort to revive international travel, Homeland Security officials report a plan to “safely encourage trans-Atlantic travel while mitigating public-health risks.”

The first travel corridor in the [Read More…]

Healthy for the holiday: Preflight rapid testing eliminates quarantine requirements for many countries

In an effort to restore travelers’ faith in flying, eliminate health-related concerns, and ensure the destination countries welcome those who land abroad with the most up to date entry requirements, [Read More…]

The best week to buy holiday flights is…fast approaching.

Mark your calendars…

If you typically travel during the holiday season, be it to your family’s hometown or an exotic resort, you’re well aware of the importance of planning ahead. Since it’s the busiest [Read More…]