How to Get Cheap Business Class Tickets (8 techniques)

With fares that can often run to thousands of dollars, business class and first class tickets can be hard to come by for everyday passengers.

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Flying Coach Is So Cramped It Could Be a Death Trap

Airlines are packing seats tighter than ever, and new tests are showing that passengers might not be able to get out alive if there is a crash. The FAA has been coy about making [Read More…]

Gulf Carriers: Great Business Class Fares

Newark to Athens: $2,799
Atlanta to Mumbai: $2,410
New York to Amritsar: $3,430
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Air France: Off-Season First Class Sale

San Francisco to Paris: $7,182
New York to Paris: $7,182
Washington/Dulles to Paris: $6,160
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Air New Zealand: Premium Economy Sale

Los Angeles/San Francisco to Auckland: $1,736
Houston to Auckland: $1,936
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How a Recent Court Decision Could Lead to More Space on Planes

The District of Columbia U.S. Court of Appeals ruled last month that the FAA must show actual data to back up its unsupported assertions about the safety of tightly packed airline seats. The [Read More…]