How to Travel Like a CIA Spy

The new Wikileaks release is full of some game-changing top secrets. There is even a document full of travel advice for spies.

This isn’t the first time Wikileaks [Read More…]

Eva Air: Houston to Asia via Taipei Business Class Sale

Houston to Hong Kong via Taipei: $3,640

Houston to Beijing via Taipei: $3,612

Travel is permitted until May 20 if you book by March 31. [Read More…]

Alitalia Business Class Deals to Italy

New York to Rome: $2,566

Miami to Rome: $3,063

Chicago to Rome: $3,063

Boston to Rome: $3,071

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Kangaroos on Airplanes?

We’ve been hearing a lot of debate these days about who should be allowed to bring their cats and dogs on airplanes. But what about… kanagaroos?

Social media is full of pictures of kangaroos [Read More…]

Are You Ready for a High Risk Travel Emergency?

Everyone knows the drill about basic travel safety tips: hide your passport, your cash and credit cards in pouches under your clothes. Leave your fancy watches and jewelry at home. But [Read More…]

Brother of Kim Jong-un Assassinated at Kuala Lumpur International Airport

In the middle of the busy Malaysian airport last Monday, in a scene worthy of any James Bond film, two female assassins sprayed toxic poison into the face of Kim Jong-nam, [Read More…]

Summer Business Class Sale to Europe

New York to Dublin or Shannon: $1,999

Boston to Dublin or Shannon: $1,999

Toronto to Dublin: $2,399

Chicago to Dublin: $2,599

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Are Your Business Travel Expenses Tax Deductible?

It’s tax season! That means it’s time to pull out all those old business travel expense receipts and see what, exactly, is deductible.

Fly Business Premier to New Zealand

Experience luxury non-stop flights from Los Angeles to New Zealand in Business Premier.

LAX – AKL – LAX: from $4,700

Sale ends: 14 Mar 2017
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