October airfare is the cheapest it’s been in six years.

While the cost of airfare usually tends to drop in October, as fewer people are traveling compared to the summer and over the holidays, [Read More…]

What’s the difference between first and business class?

First class for the U.S. carriers has gone the way of the dinosaur. You might find first class on a transcontinental American Airlines flight, but most U.S. [Read More…]

International Biz Class Flash Sales from New York, Miami, San Francisco

Refundable and changeable at no extra cost
(this rarely happens in Biz class!)

New York – Frankfurt $2,050
New York – Accra $3,100
New York – Ghana $3,100
New York – Delhi $2,700

Miami – [Read More…]

Why Am I Paying $1,000 More for the Same Airline Seat?

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7 Discount Business Class Airlines

On major airlines, published business class fares can run you between $4000 and $7000. With agencies like Cook Travel, you can get discounts of 40 to 70 [Read More…]