When Buying Two Tickets is Cheaper than One


Mileage junkies have been hoarding a secret for years that could save passengers up to 30 percent on long-distance flights: buying two tickets instead of one.

It may not make [Read More…]

Join the One Percent for $40 On Southwest

Southwest-Airlines_Primary_wideThe economy class flying experience is not something most travelers would brag about, and with good reason: baggage fees, the dreaded middle seats and winding lines that resemble never-ending [Read More…]

How To Fly Through Security With New TSA PreCheck


Attention all mileage club members: if you had a chance to fly through security faster would you?

The TSA already lets children under 12 and seniors over 75, populations considered “non-threatening,” pass [Read More…]

Virgin Airlines Launches In-Flight Art Gallery For Upper Class

Artist Ben Eine

Artist Ben Eine

In a world where airline amenities seem to be disappearing faster than you can say “takeoff,” British-based Virgin Airlines has decided to go [Read More…]