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Wall Street Journal reveals what airlines have been hiding…

For months, we’ve been raising the alarm… and now the Wall Street Journal has finally caught on as well…

Summer travel demand has soared over the last [Read More…]

Island life can be yours this summer

Greece is gearing up to open borders to all travelers May 14th. 

In an effort to restart tourism, Greece has recently announced its international travel protocol [Read More…]

How do YOU celebrate the COVID-19 anniversary?

The pandemic’s anniversary this past week has many of us realizing just how long we have gone without seeing family members…going to the theatre…hugging friends…traveling abroad. 

Fortunately, this milestone comes as the vaccine [Read More…]

Jab n’ Jet! Vacations after vaccinations

Is it the beginning of the end?
We sure hope so.

Travel… restaurants… bars… theatre… museums… concerts… movies… meeting new people… seeing old friends… the world is starting to slowly re-open…
And those 65 years and older [Read More…]

Convenient & Comfy or Deadly & Dangerous? You be the judge…

For most of us, wearing a mask has become a part of everyday life. Yet the ability to relax — truly relax — wearing a mask is just not quite a reality yet. 

[Read More…]

The ultimate Valentine’s Gift in 2021 is cheaper than you’d think…

After a year like none other, your spouse deserves more than just chocolates or flowers this Valentine’s Day — they deserve a vacation. And frankly, so do YOU.

Studies show that trip anticipation can be [Read More…]

Digital Health Passports: What it is and why you need it.

Wallet? Check.

Plane Tickets? Check.

Passport? Check?

Proof of negative COVID-19 test? Um…

​​​​​​This past Tuesday, when [Read More…]

Three Ways Covid-19 positively impacted the travel industry

It may be hard to believe there were some positive outcomes from a year that near crippled the travel industry, but a silver lining always helps any tough situation. [Read More…]

6 Reasons Why Travel Should be a Resolution in 2021

While we are counting down the minutes till the new year (goodBYE, 2020!!), we are just as eager to start booking spring and summer travel again. Admittedly, nothing will be returning to [Read More…]

New York to Italy Travel Corridor Opens This Month!

‘Covid-Tested’ Flights Opens Travel Corridor Between Italy and U.S. in Mid-December

After months of border closures and travel restrictions limiting American travel to Italy, Delta Air Lines and Alitalia announced plans to [Read More…]