All the buzz around Europe reopening to American tourists has many airlines publishing outrageously low fares to entice early bookings. And according to top travel experts  — including our own! — this just might be the end of the 2021 summer deals.


With cruises, museums, and landmark tourist destinations now publishing new summer schedules, the New York Times has reported a sharp increase in airfare inquiries across the web. And as Europe turns the corner on its vaccine rollout, airlines are anticipating   “a broad reopening of the region’s economy before the summer,” says The Wall Street Journal. Such anticipation will inevitably raise prices as demand rises while flight schedules stay the same.

Vacation should be easy. Goodness knows this past year was hard enough. 

But the sheer breadth of information to track — from vaccine requirements and closed borders to curfews and testing, not to mention the speed in which everything can change — can be exhausting to say the least. 

To ensure a truly stress-free vacation at the lowest price on the market, take the advice of the WSJ and New York Times and hire a travel agent. 
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