Summer is just around the corner and international travel is back!

The best part of this summer? Most of the world’s must-see destinations are completely crowd free. ​​​​​But the window of opportunity to see these great landmarks up close — without the crowds, selfie-sticks, loud tour groups or lines! — is closing fast as more travelers discover this unique moment in tourism history.

 How long has The Great Pyramids been on your bucket list? Rather than read about ancient ruins, why not walk them?

And right now, you can travel to your far away destinations for far less!

African Safari

With both Moderna and Pfizer proving reliable against the South-Africa variant and infection rates under control, an African Safari is the perfect summer adventure for outdoor enthusiasts. Explore Africa’s incredible wildlife and landscapes at its most pristine state.  

The Great Pyramids

Tour tombstones and temples without waiting in line. With few crowds, you can spend the day sightseeing to your hearts content. For those who prefer something a bit more well, relaxing, book a private Nile River tour and cruise downstream watching sunset over dinner and drinks. 

Cruise the Mediterranean 

As more countries open across Europe, cruise companies have been expanding itineraries to include a variety of countries within a single trip. One of the biggest perks to island-hopping is that it allows passengers to explore multiple countries without the headache of sorting country-by-country travel restrictions.