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The hidden costs of airline travel have been getting steadily worse in recent years. The trouble started in 2008, when the economic recession caused airlines to start raising fees wherever they could in order to cope with surging fuel costs. But now that fuel costs have plummeted, major airlines are continuing to nickel-and-dime their passengers. They are making a lot of money doing this.

According to the Points Guy, the airlines with the most hidden fees are the small ones: Allegiant, Frontier and Spirit, who feels no shame slapping you with a surprise $100 fee for a carry-on bag at the gate. Of the larger airlines, United is the worst. Their hidden costs include a brutal $200 cancellation fee—per ticket.

“Change fees,” or fees charged to passengers who need to modify or cancel their itineraries, have been creeping to as high as $400 for international flights. And those prices are expected to go higher.

A 2016 report by the U.S. Department of Transportation shows that baggage fees alone netted the airline industry $3.8 billion in 2015. And the kinds of fees you get slammed with are getting more and more inventive.

Now you also pay an extra baggage fee if you have a connecting flight. Not to mention the added fees for ordinary in-flight comforts like pillows, snacks, and legroom that isn’t child-sized.

But nothing tops the latest: Frontier Airlines’ so-called “family fee” charges you extra if you want to secure a seat next to your children.

When will this madness end? Here are a few recent news stories on the topic of hidden airline fees:


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