The Airlines Reporting Corporation (ARC) just released its 2023 Air Travel Hacks Report, providing essential tips to save travelers both time and money. Just in time for the holidays–experts are imploring travelers to not wait any longer. If you’ve yet to book your holiday tix, don’t even finish reading this article. Just call us!

Using the most up to date data from Expedia’s global air ticketing database, the annual report has become an authority for the last 8 years revealing data-backed hacks for travelers who love a good deal. 

While the full report can be viewed here, we zeroed in on the ones you need to know if you plan on jetting off any time soon. 

  1. Book your tickets on a Sunday to save 15%. Travelers who book on Sunday as opposed to a Friday tend to save roughly 15% on international flights. 
  2. Book at least one month before domestic flights and six months before international flights–you’ll save about 10% this way. 
  3. Depart before 3pm. You’ll reduce the chance of cancellations this way. Based on new data, flights that leave after 3pm have a 50% higher chance on average of being delayed than those who leave earlier in the day. 
  4. Leave on a Wednesday–you will save up to 15%. Leaving on a Saturday-Monday are the priciest days on average to start a trip. 

Plus, one extra hack from Cook Travel that wasn’t included in this report but should have been: TSA PreCheck Enrollment is now less expensive–just in time for holiday travel. The fee just dropped down to $78 for 5 years–a great gift idea for a loved one? 

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