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Will Your Frequent-flier Miles Be Worth Less?

Frequent-flier miles used to work democratically; one man, one mile. Now airlines are warping their programs to give higher spenders more points than passengers who buy cheaper tickets for the same trip. “In five years we will have forgotten about the old system,” Inside Flyer’s Randy Petersen speculates. Full article.

Delta Pulls Discount “Easy-Up” Fares:

In our last news blast we told you about Secret Upgrades: Delta and American’s $250 upgrades to Business for Europe and beyond; Delta has now pulled those fares! The good news: American still has them. For help booking the AA fares, watch this video which will walk you through EasyUp booking. Read Matthew Bennett’s full article via his First Class Flyer blog. (Subscription required).

AA Used to Sell You the Car, then Charge More for the Wheels: Will the New Fare Structure Change That?

American Airlines is now offering 3 different levels in Coach.

  1. Choice:Cheapest fare. $25 each way to check bag. $150 to change flight.
  2. Choice Essential:Extra $68 round trip, but you can check 1 bag free, avoid most rebooking fees, and snag earlier boarding.
  3. Choice Plus: Additional $88 round trip. Free checked bag. No rebooking fees. Extra frequent-flier miles, early boarding, 1 free alcoholic drink.

Two more options: FullyFlexible and Business/First allow several free checked bags, and extra mileage benefits if you pay more. Full story.

Are You Safer? Airports to Give Ground-Traffic Radar:

US Airways Flight 27 missed crashing into a pickup truck during takeoff by two seconds a couple years back. The near-collision was a warning to the Federal Aviation Administration who will soon equip airport vehicles with radar so the control tower can easily spot them on the airways. We kinda hoped such precautions already existed. Full story. 

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