3_full-flat-seats_tcm233-349582Some business class travelers are already familiar with the disappointment shrouding an airline’s “lie-flat” seats. You’re paying for a business class ticket to avoid the hours of back pain that an economy seat ensures. If you have a meeting on the day you arrive then you want to have actually slept during the flight, which, let’s face it, doesn’t happen in coach. When you arrive at your reserved nook in the plane’s business class section, sit down, exhale, and put that seat back…often the last thing you want to find is that the “lie-flat” part of your ticket was an exaggeration.


When airlines tell you a seat is “lie-flat”, they do NOT mean fully horizontal. Instead of a true 180 degrees, these chairs are positioned somewhere between 150 and 170 degrees, as shown above. For daytime flights this distinction is fine, but if you’re on an overnight or looking to get some deep shuteye, make sure they call the seat  “fully reclining” or “fully flat”.


Airlines with fully flat beds include: Singapore Airlines, Oman Air, Qatar Airways, British Airways, Etihad Airways, Swiss, Virgin Atlantic, Jet Airways, Air New Zealand, and more. Just double-check your seat description next time before booking and you’ll know what you’re getting yourself into…literally.

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