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The Wall Street Journal‘s Scott McCartney writes that when it comes to tricks and shortcuts at the airport or hotel, seasoned sportswriters have all the answers. Here are some of their favorite travel tips:

  • Avoid checking bags even on 10-day road trips. Learn to layer so you can pack light.
  • TSA PreCheck is more important than ever to avoid missing flights. Sign up.
  • Airline and hotel elite status is the absolute best convenience. Do anything to get it.
  • Window seats for sleeping; aisle for legroom and easier bathroom access.
  • Be the nice person pleading for help when things go wrong rather than the angry screamer demanding the impossible. You always get better treatment.
  • Keep checking hotel rates even after you make reservations far in advance. They can drop, and you can rebook to save money.
  • Get to your next city as soon as you can—red eye or early morning flights—to avoid missing games from flight delays or cancellations.

Whether it’s sports journalists chasing their teams from city to city, or extreme business travelers, these road warriors know the importance of routine and rigor when booking travel itineraries. These are their tried-and-true fundamental strategies.

—hat tip: Scott McCartney


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