Economy Class Korean Air

In a world of cutbacks, spending thousands on a First Class or Business Class flight may seem wasteful and unnecessary. Still, nothing beats arriving to your destination refreshed and well-rested, and nothing ruins a vacation or business trip than jet lag. These five tips from Fodor’s Travel Blog will help make economy class just a little bit more tolerable.


Five Ways To Make Economy Feel Like First Class:

1. Natural Selection–Check in on the airline’s Web site as early as possible to swap seats or confirm the ones you already chose. Aim for window seats away from toilets and galleys, and you should gravitate toward the closest you can get to the front of the plane. The less heads you see in front of you, the more you’ll feel like you’re in First or Business Class.

2. Keep Calm And Carry On–For the personal item you bring on board, choose a small bag that won’t take up all the space of the seat in  front of you. The larger the bag, the less legroom you’ll have.

3. Hold Everything–Business and First Class travelers are treated to all kinds of goodies to make the flights more comfortable. Plan ahead and do the same. Upon landing, it makes a world of difference when you’re prepared with a toothbrush and mouthwash, at the very least.

4. Head Over Headphones–Space is limited when you’re sharing one cabin with hundreds of strangers. A pair of noise cancelling headphones are well worth the pricey price-tag if they can transform you into your own little cocoon. And the best part? You can use them over and over again.

5. Knock Yourself Out–On longer flights, the best way to arrive looking refreshed is to get some shut-eye. Anything from a travel pillow, cashmere shawl, eye mask and mild sleeping pill can help you fall asleep. Sure, it’s hard to sleep up-right, but even an awkward slumber makes for a quicker flight.