JetBlue Pigeon

JetBlue’s new ad campaign comparing pigeons to today’s air travelers is hilarious.

Opening with the line “AIR ON THE SIDE OF HUMANITY”, the genius, artfully crafted dig at competing airlines highlights JetBlue’s in-flight entertainment, unlimited free snacks and dedication to customer service.

The featured pigeons complain of rude people, meager meals and cramped styles, showing that JetBlue sympathizes with the modern-day conundrums of travel and will continue to go against the grain of disgruntled customers.

The ad campaign will launch in New York, its home base, and Boston, where JetBlue has the most daily nonstop flights out of any carrier.

In addition to prime-time TV commercials, the campaigns include digital ads on and CBS Interactive, the ability to send Facebook messages through a carrier pigeon on Central Perch and a playful mobile initiative enabling customers to “speak pigeon” using voice activation and smart phones.

Watch the JetBlue’s new commercial here.