Attention all mileage club members: if you had a chance to fly through security faster would you?

The TSA already lets children under 12 and seniors over 75, populations considered “non-threatening,” pass through screenings without removing their shoes and jackets or taking laptops out of their bags, but how does the TSA determine which frequent flyers are non-threatening and which aren’t for its new PreCheck program?

They don’t. Evidently, that decision is up to the discretion of the airlines, which nominate certain elite frequent flyer members to the TSA based on things like “rootedness in the community,” length lived at your current address, job duration and credit rating.

Do you qualify for the program? Is this obvious elitism for the ‘one percent’ or a step toward more efficient security screenings? Read the full Huffington Post article to find out what happened when CookTravel.net tried to opt-in for the program and decide for yourself.

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