Coach Versus BusinesesAfter the Great Recession, U.S. travelers are constantly on the lookout for the most economical option. Often times this means slumming it in horrid Coach-class seats, which seem to be shrinking with each passing year.

So, after braving the dismal standards of today’s air travel, passengers should at least feel proud that they were able to save a buck or two, right?


Premium air travel advisor Matthew Bennett did the math, and when you add the costs of checked bags, meals and preferred seating in economy class, then subtract ancillary fees from the Business Class fare, the difference in price is virtually zero.

Wouldn’t you like to enjoy preferred check-in and boarding, superb service, customized meals and ample legroom and seat width for virtually the same price as a base coach fare? It’s like a choice between paying $100 upfront for a delectable cut of filet mignon to be delivered to your home, or paying $5 for a Big Mac and receiving a $95 traffic ticket on the way to the drive-thru for a busted tail light.

Check out the chart below from First Class Flyer’s May issue: