Mark your calendars…

If you typically travel during the holiday season, be it to your family’s hometown or an exotic resort, you’re well aware of the importance of planning ahead. Since it’s the busiest time of year for travel, booking flights, hotels, or vacation homes usually needs to be done well in advance if you want to snag a good deal.

But is that still true in 2020? 

After tracking fares for the past few months, our agents conclude the old travel advice still holds true: October is the best time to get a deal on holiday airfare both internationally and domestically.

And while the fares will dip all month long, some experts say to book the second week in October for the lowest price available. 

Over the summer, many airlines released shockingly low fares to entice travelers to fly during the pandemic. Don’t expect to see the same pricing model apply to the holiday season. With most middle seats blocked, airlines have fewer seats to sell which can lead to higher prices. And with fewer flights operating altogether, we anticipate an increase in demand for the tickets that are available.

Check out a roundup of business-class fares to two of our favorite cities to spend the holidays in- Paris and London!

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NYC to London

Delta $2795

American Airlines/United $2695

NYC to Paris


American Airlines-$2447


LAX to London

Delta/Virgin Atlantic-$3045

British Airways/American Airlines-$2945

LAX to Paris

Delta/Air France-$2962


NYC to London

Delta/Virgin Airways-$2555

American Airlines/United $2455

NYC to Paris

Delta/Air France-$2297

American Airlines-$2297


LAX to London

Delta/Virgin Atlantic-$2555

British Airways/American Airlines-$2455

LAX to Paris

Delta/Air France-$2398

All fares are based on lowest inventory, roundtrip includes all taxes with a minimum Saturday night stay. Some restrictions apply. Check CDC guidelines and local restrictions/rules before making travel decisions