While the cost of airfare usually tends to drop in October, as fewer people are traveling compared to the summer and over the holidays, this year has particularly good fares.

Top international destinations for October savings include Reykjavik, Iceland; Melbourne, Australia; Shanghai, China; and Munich, Germany.

However, if you are flying between December 17 and January 4, or the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, fares will still be high due to demand for those dates.

Airfare this October is the lowest seen since 2013 due to a few factors. For one, competition between airlines has ramped up this year, which means airlines are competitively lowering their rates. Second, the cost of jet fuel is down, which lowers the operation cost of airlines.

Generally speaking, airlines keep two things in mind when pricing tickets: will they fill the flight, and will they make enough money on the flight to justify operating costs. There are other tactics that go into pricing, like tempting leisure travelers with low prices on routes typically flown by business travelers, and then hiking the price last minute (which happens to be when business travelers are likely to book.)

So, if you have a trip on your horizon, now is the time to book. Prices will rise as we get into November, and you don’t want to miss out on these deals.