Take a year from discussing politics with your Uncle Joe around the Christmas ham.

Maybe—just maybe—instead of being home for the holidays, you should try a vacation instead.

Consider this: a round-trip ticket from New York to Miami on the 22nd is $453, but on the 25th it is $359; New York to London is $2,965 on the 22nd and 2,559 on the 25th. So, if you elect to travel on Christmas day, you can save hundreds of dollars.

“Richard Holden, Google’s vice president for product management, said one reason could be that the off-season for many international destinations overlaps with these winter holidays,” writes the New York Times.

“Google has noticed a trend of lower prices for flights to popular international destinations like Paris, London and Cancun, with fares around 20 percent lower than average.”

Or maybe you’d like to spend Christmas on a private Island in the Bahamas, or in Aspen. Ultra-luxury villas at both of these locations are still available for the holidays. Inquire at 212-201-1827