3 Jul 2020

Stuck at home for the 4th? Have some fun with your Frequent flyer miles.


Frequent flyer miles, also known as travel points or airline miles, are a part of airline and credit card loyalty programs. Typically, you accumulate a set amount of miles based on your spending that can be used to buy [Read More…]

23 Jun 2020

What Airlines DON’T Want You To Know…


Airlines are trying to keep it quiet. Industry experts are making big moves because of it. 
16 Jun 2020

Summer’s Not Shot! Escape to 7 Counties Reopening Soon


After nearly three months of lockdown, the thought of traveling again may feel like a distant dream. But with summer upon us, the wanderlust couldn’t be stronger. Fortunately, seven countries just announced their plans to welcome tourists [Read More…]

9 Jun 2020

Cook’s Travel Top 10 Wanderlust Movies


Tired of the news?

Sick of Zoom?

Fed up with homeschooling?

Vacations are time to disconnect and recharge. So when it’s time for a break, there’s no better [Read More…]

11 May 2020

Booking Flights for Future Travel: Experts Weigh In


Seeing some enticingly low airfare right now?
We are, too. 

The real question is: is it smart to buy?
Our expert travel agents weigh in.

[Read More…]

6 Mar 2020

A First: Airlines Waiving Change Fees for New Bookings


Airlines are waiving change fees for new bookings, allowing more freedom for travelers.

This means you can take advantage, nabbing some unbeatable rates, with no concern over changing your plans later due to coronavirus. You will only have [Read More…]

5 Mar 2020

How to Get a Refund on a Non-refundable Ticket


Dogs wearing masks, Shanghai

What happens if you cancel or change your flight due to unforeseen circumstances? Airlines require that you pay a hefty fee or suffer a total [Read More…]

2 Mar 2020

These International Tickets Are the Cheapest We’ve Ever Seen!


International tickets are the cheapest they’ve ever been.

Take British Airways Boston to London in First Class for $3,700, for example—this ticket usually costs over $10,000!

Lower [Read More…]

14 Feb 2020

New York Residents Banned from Applying for Global Entry


On February 5th, the Department of Homeland Security issued a ban on New York Residents applying for or renewing membership in Trusted Traveler Programs such [Read More…]

24 Jan 2020

What to Do If You’re Bumped From a Flight


There is no limit to the amount of money an airline can offer a passenger who agrees to be bumped from a flight. In the past, [Read More…]