25 Sep 2020

How to set a Zoom background that’ll make your coworkers jealous…


Working remote these days?

Here’s a quick 1-minute video on how to change your Zoom background.

But the REAL secret to changing your Zoom background? 
Change your real one

R​emote work doesn’t [Read More…]

17 Sep 2020

Regenerative Travel: Better the world on your next vacation…


With historic heat waves, an aggressive hurricane season and now five million acres of the West Coast on fire, this summer has set some disturbing records beyond the pandemic. Climate [Read More…]

8 Sep 2020

Need to renew your passport? Now might be your best bet…


If you’re planning on traveling internationally in the next ten months and need a new or renewed passport, we recommend starting the process ASAP.

The U.S. State Department [Read More…]

27 Aug 2020

The European Country Americans CAN Travel to Right Now…


It’s official: the Croatian Government has confirmed that leisure travelers from around the world – US included! – are allowed to visit with a negative coronavirus test result or quarantine. 

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19 Aug 2020

Remote Destinations Make for a Much Needed Holiday Away from It All


Many travelers have swapped their globe-trotting vacations for road trips and staycations. But for those that can afford it, international travel is still on the horizon.

The Maldives offer the privacy