20 Jan 2020

Don’t let airlines bully you with their ’bad’ seats


by Christopher Elliott, The Philadelphia Inquirer

Ask Clayton Conway about the worst seat on a plane, and he’ll tell you about the [Read More…]

16 Jan 2020

$1120 – Business Class Flash Sale to Paris


from $1120.00*

New York – Paris
Business Class, Round-trip

Also inquire about other flash deals to Paris, London, and Frankfurt!

*This is a sample fare. Restrictions apply to this [Read More…]

10 Jan 2020

2020 Travel Cheat Sheet: The Best Times To Book Holiday Travel


from Forbes.com

Martin Luther King Jr. Day (Monday, January 20)

Book travel by the week of December 23.

President’s Day (Monday, February 17)

Book travel [Read More…]

7 Jan 2020

Is First Class Worth It?


If you fly first class internationally, you will have a private pod, be served the best food and alcohol whenever you would like it, and you [Read More…]

27 Dec 2019

Europe Travel in 2020: What You Should Know

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Europe is more popular than ever.

In 2018, there were 710 million international visitors to Europe, and this number seems to be only [Read More…]

20 Dec 2019

7 Strange Holiday Traditions Around the World


1. In the United States, spider web decorations are taken down after Halloween, but in Ukraine, Christmas trees are decorated with spider webs. According to [Read More…]

13 Dec 2019

What You Need to Know About Secret Airline Sales

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In the past, airlines used to post fantastic deals all the time in full page newspaper ads and online. Now, while there are some deals [Read More…]

6 Dec 2019

Can you be “downgraded” on a flight?


by Christian Jagodzinski

Just a few weeks ago, I was in First Class on Swiss on my return flight from Zurich to Miami. [Read More…]

27 Nov 2019

4 Ways to De-Stress Your Holiday Travel


1. Don’t wrap your presents.

If the present is flagged going through TSA, security will have to unwrap it in order to check the contents. (While TSA will re-wrap it, we can promise it [Read More…]

21 Nov 2019

$3,244 FIRST CLASS to London – Compare to $10,000!


First Class on British Airways
JFK – London RT

from $3244.00

One of the best prices we’ve seen in our lifetime.
These seats have gone for $10,000 to $20,000!

*Restrictions apply to this [Read More…]