Is it the beginning of the end?
We sure hope so.

Travel… restaurants… bars… theatre… museums… concerts… movies… meeting new people… seeing old friends… the world is starting to slowly re-open…
And those 65 years and older are getting a head start on the fun. 


For those 65 and older who have received the vaccine, life is returning to a level of normalcy that has many rushing to book long overdue vacations. Hotels, cruises and airlines are all reporting an increase in bookings for Spring and Summer as those first in line for the shot plan celebratory vacations abroad. 

After a year like none other, the travel industry is preparing for a strong rebound in tourism by heavily investing in digital health passports. 

 The IATA Pass, a mobile app that helps travelers store and manage Covid-19 tests and vaccinations is set to launch next month and will be used by both Etihad Airways and Emirates. Denmark announced it will be rolling out a digital passport for its citizens while IBM is hard at work developing a Digital Health Pass that can be used for multiple public areas such as stadiums and universities.

Itching for takeoff? You’re not alone. With most of us reaching new levels of pandemic burnout, planning a trip is the perfect way to beat the winter blues that is normally kicked by a warm, tropical vacation. So after you book your vaccine appointment, call Cook Travel and start planning your dream vacation for a fraction of the cost.

You deserve it.