You’re not alone. In fact, 40% of all people experience some form of aviophobia. What’s that? Anxiety related to flying, whether it’s a fear of heights, turbulence, or just horrific tales of past disasters aboard. But don’t fret–your worries are common. BUT, that doesn’t mean they’re rooted in empirical evidence or facts. 

You’ve likely heard this, but statistically speaking, air travel is the safest form of transportation in the world. So, if you’re fine driving a car, a plane should be no sweat. In fact, it’s safer to fly to Europe than to drive to the grocery store. It’s 10x safer to fly to Florida from New York than to drive. 

But this just isn’t the case for nervous travelers, often because flying is too abstract and the average traveler doesn’t know the following 6 nuggets of information that will put any Nervous Nancy at ease. 

A person would have to fly every single day for more than 16,000 years before experiencing a fatal plane crash, according to recent stats

Airplanes are not just built to withstand turbulence, but they barely flinch in the face of more significant stress. This says it all: the wing tips of an Airbus A350 XWB can bend up to 17 feet above their resting position without causing any damage. 

Every flight you take is monitored by at least 8 air traffic controllers: 3 during takeoff, 3 during landing, and 2 for each air traffic control sector your plane passes through. In short, dozens of professionals are closely following your plane to help it avoid hazards like bad weather and other planes. Airplane engines are super sophisticated–so much so that it’s almost impossible for them to fail. And if all airplane engines happen to go out at the same time, planes can still land safely.

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