Airlines are trying to keep it quiet.

Industry experts are making big moves because of it. 

Our travel agents are seeing fares that could save hundreds – even thousands – of dollars due to airlines’ attempts at enticing customers back into travel. Insanely low airfare may have you wondering if now is the time to plan a trip. With restrictions easing and countries reopening, the question remains: is it smart to book travel now?

Forecasts report we’ll see the lowest prices in years for the next four months before prices spike to make up for losses. 
Jesse Neugarten, bonafide data-lover and founder of Dollar Flight Club predicts that international and domestic airfare prices through 2021 are to be discounted 35% on average before increasing 27% above the 2019 benchmark as travel demand recovers and airlines try to recoup lost revenue. Using millions of data points from past economic recessions and flying trends, he forecasts we will see some of the cheapest flights we’ve seen in years over the next 4 months. 

Book now to fly later.
Andrea Crome, a travel agent at SN Travel, agrees wholeheartedly. In a statement to Reader’s Digest: “I, for one, am definitely booking holidays for September and December before the end of this month.” One tip to remember when booking these deals: ask what the airline’s cancellation policy is. Every airline has offered generous and flexible change policies, but you should be comfortable with what your options are if there are any travel disruptions.

Beat the crowds for unbeatable prices.
Right now, airlines have to fly planes to keep their spots in airports. They anticipate only a handful of travelers will be booking until the CDC lift travel warnings so they are keeping fares shockingly low to attract the lone daring traveler. But once flying picks up, expect prices to jump, too. Booking now will help you avoid the price hikes that will come when the masses become more comfortable with traveling again.

Follow the rules of supply and demand.
Airfare, even in the face of a pandemic, is still a game of supply and demand and any good buyer knows to buy when a market is weak. Joshua Greenberg, a travel advisor from Ovation Travel Group explains, “It’s definitely worth a look at booking now for the future because once this all ‘lifts,’ the demand is going to outpace supply and [it’s] better to be ahead of that curve.” 

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Listen to Winston Churchill: “Don’t waste a good crisis.”
Usually there is a general formula to booking international travel, as illustrated in the picture above, but the rules are constantly in this new economy which is why so many experts are saying now is the best time to take advantage of any flight deals, especially for the holidays where airlines notoriously raise prices. If you see a good deal and are comfortable with the airline’s change/cancellation policy, snag it before it disappears!