30 Nov 2018

How to Afford Travel in Retirement


95 percent of retirees would prefer to have enjoyable experiences over buying things. This demographic is also seeing an increase in international travel each year.

If you’re part of this [Read More…]

20 Nov 2018

Today is Black Friday for Business Class Flyers


Black Friday is a once a year opportunity to buy at a discount.

“…last year  48% of the deals on Cyber Monday were for hotels and vacation packages and 20% [Read More…]

12 Nov 2018

Why Does First Class Board First?


Why does first class board first?

We’ll always choose a short flight over a long one. So why do those with the most expensive seats on the plane board first, [Read More…]

8 Nov 2018

How to Save Money Flying Business Class


Halloween may be over, but Cook Travel knows that flying coach is still the scariest thing you can do. This is why we want to share with you an article published in Consumer [Read More…]

8 Nov 2018

Was your data stolen from Cathay Pacific?


9.4 million Cathay Pacific passengers have been affected by a data breach that was noticed by the airlines last month.

The stolen information includes “names, nationalities; birth dates, phone numbers, addresses, passport and identity card [Read More…]

29 Oct 2018

Paranoia over Brexit, Pound Plunges to Lowest Level


If you live in the U.S., now might be the perfect time for a trip to London. The pound is at a seven-week low against the US dollar. On Oct. 26 the pound was [Read More…]

19 Oct 2018

You need to stop sharing your #boardingpass


You should never post your boarding pass on social media, no matter how badly you want to brag about #firstclass.

Let’s start with the obvious: your boarding pass tells people you’re going on [Read More…]

15 Oct 2018

Don’t Stay Home for Christmas


Take a year from discussing politics with your Uncle Joe around the Christmas ham.

Maybe—just maybe—instead of being home for the holidays, you should try a vacation instead.

Consider this: a [Read More…]

5 Oct 2018

Pets on Planes: Are the Dogs Really Winning?


On U.S. Planes, the Dogs are Winning–according to Scott McCartney WSJ who paints a picture of planes as zoos, overcrowded with biting, barking, and peeing pets.

While the increase [Read More…]

28 Sep 2018

Why Travel Is Important Today More Than Ever


Jonathan Look Jr., who retired at age 50 to travel the world, believes “Travel is the antidote to our fears.”

In a thought-provoking article for Forbes, Look talks about how scary our world can [Read More…]