26 Jun 2019

Comments from YOU


A couple weeks ago we asked you what you thought about unbundled business class seats. Many of you left comments on this piece with your thoughts. [Read More…]

20 Jun 2019

10 Packing Mistakes You’re Making


from The Discoverer Blog

  1. You pack every item of clothing you’ve ever owned (and wear precisely half of it)
    A bit of self [Read More…]

14 Jun 2019

No Lounge in Business Class?


Some things just belong together: peanut butter and jelly; business class seats and business class lounges.

But Emirates has begun selling business class tickets [Read More…]

10 Jun 2019

3 Reasons to Fly Business When Not on Business


1. You can only get a double bed in business.

The cost of manufacturing just one business class seat can be over $80,000. There [Read More…]

31 May 2019

Top 10 Low-Cost Business Class Airlines


Inspired by “The 9 most affordable airlines to fly in business class” by Alex Bresler

1. La Compagnie
La Compagnie is an all-business-class boutique airline [Read More…]

28 May 2019

What’s the cure for air sickness?


You’ll have the best chance of not getting airsick if you get a good night’s rest, drink lots of water, avoid fatty foods for a couple days (as well [Read More…]

20 May 2019

La Compagnie’s New A321neo Business Class Debuts June 6, 2019


La Compagnie’s New A321neo Business Class Debuts June 6, 2019
by Ben Lucky – onemileatatime.com

La Compagnie is the all business class airline offering [Read More…]

9 May 2019

Save $14,000 on First Class Flights


Unbelievable, but true!

This year, on New Year’s Day, Cathay Pacific put up round trip tickets from Vietnam to New York—and buyers noticed something unusual. [Read More…]

3 May 2019

What’s the Difference Between First Class and Business Class, Anyway?

1 Comment

If you fly first class internationally, you will have a private pod, be served the best food and alcohol whenever you would like it, and you may [Read More…]

26 Apr 2019

They took a blender to my bag.


An airline losing your luggage can definitely wreak havoc on your trip, and even complicate your life once you’ve returned home.

Allen Tish, [Read More…]