7 Feb 2019

£100 British Airways Flights — Really!


British Airways is officially a centenarian.

To celebrate, British Airway’s website has sold a handful of £100 flights to the speediest mouse-clickers of the world. Included among these flights: London [Read More…]

25 Jan 2019

Discount Sweet Spot: Premium Economy


Premium economy is a “sweet spot” for international airline discounts—to use the words of Joe Brancatelli. Because first and business class seats fill up regularly, airlines are pulling their [Read More…]

18 Jan 2019

Punched by Flight Attendant over Soda


On his way home from his Aruba vacation, Gregory Lagana didn’t expect to be smacked around by an American Airlines flight attendant in front of his wife and kids.

Lagana [Read More…]

10 Jan 2019

Your Frequent Flier Miles Don’t Exist

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Frequent flier programs are a lot like Lucy holding out the football for Charlie Brown–just when you’re about to take off, the airlines go and take them away, leaving [Read More…]

7 Jan 2019

Airline Prices Are Rising this Year (But Here’s How to Lower Them)


Flight prices will rise 2.9% in 2019, according to the Global Business Travel Association. But here at Cook Travel, we have some insider tips and tricks for getting lower [Read More…]

28 Dec 2018

How to Achieve Your Travel Resolutions


What are you resolving to do in 2019? Many will hit the gym, decide to spend less time on their phones, maybe even pick up a new hobby. We [Read More…]

14 Dec 2018

Famous Amsterdam Sculpture Disappears


“I Amsterdam,” a red-and-white lettered sculpture that once sat prominently outside the Rijksmuseum, has been removed.

Mass-tourism is the reason behind the decision. The letters “were removed at the request [Read More…]

10 Dec 2018

500 Million Exposed in Marriott Data Breach


A data breach of Marriott’s Starwood Guest reservation database exposed the personal information of 500 million people. (To put this number into perspective, the infamous Equifax breach exposed only [Read More…]

4 Dec 2018

Can Uber Compete with a Gold Lamborghini?


Miwhip (pronounced “my whip”, whip being slang for car) is a brand new ridesharing app, and it is changing the roads of London in a surprising—and sparkly—way. In addition to their fleet of [Read More…]

30 Nov 2018

How to Afford Travel in Retirement


95 percent of retirees would prefer to have enjoyable experiences over buying things. This demographic is also seeing an increase in international travel each year.

If you’re part of this [Read More…]