19 Apr 2019

Are U.S. Airports Third World?


“…If I blindfolded you and took you to LaGuardia Airport in New York, you must think, ‘I must be in some third world country.’ I’m not joking,” [Read More…]

12 Apr 2019

Who You Should Tip While Traveling

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A camel driver tells you, “No charge to get on my camel—but five-dollar tip.” You pay, you lumber up onto the camel. Then he says, “$20 tip [Read More…]

8 Apr 2019

An Opportunity, Not an Obstacle


Does moving from A to B mirror itself in the traveler, giving us a clear sense of direction in our work? – Barnaby Lashbrooke

We think so. Time [Read More…]

1 Apr 2019

3 Reasons Professionals Fly First Class


You’ll save time in first class.

Flying first class saves you the hours—or, in some cases, days—you would have spent recovering from jetlag. Most first class seats on [Read More…]

28 Mar 2019

The Seesaw Strategy: Half Priced Business Class


Cook Travel’s agents have been scoring the best business class deals for over 40 years. 

Business class is still not cheaper than premium economy, [Read More…]

15 Mar 2019

Best Travel Brands for Pet Owners


Two-thirds of American households own a dog, and 78.1 percent of pet owners have traveled with a dog.

This is part of the reason [Read More…]

11 Mar 2019

Sunday Is the Cheapest Day to Buy Airline Tickets


1. Nonstop flights are usually cheapest. 

There are times where flights with stops are cheaper because the airlines know this takes more time for the passenger and that they will be [Read More…]

4 Mar 2019

Top to Bottom First Class Clothing Guide

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Why should you bother thinking about what you’re going to wear on an airplane?

Commenter Carmen Hix writes: I’m not a snob, but have always found that I [Read More…]

25 Feb 2019

BA Sends Passengers to Brothel on Valentine’s Day


After two flights departing St. Lucia were cancelled February 13th, British Airways sent passengers to a brothel.

We don’t think this is where they imagined waking up on Valentine’s Day.

On [Read More…]

15 Feb 2019

5 Worst Travel Tips


“Try this medication you’ve never tried before.”

Sure, jet lag is the worst—but your twelve-hour international flight is not the time to try whatever bizarre sleeping pill your cousin swears [Read More…]