23 Sep 2019

Important: Cook Travel is NOT affiliated with Thomas Cook PLC


Cook Travel Inc is not affiliated with Thomas Cook Group Plc in Britain, and is in no way affected by Thomas Cook’s bankruptcy declared today, Monday, September 23.

Any flights you have booked with Cook [Read More…]

20 Sep 2019

How to Score an Upgrade for Free

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  1. Book with a travel agent. Some large travel agencies like Cook Travel are able to upgrade loyal customers’ international travel. You will have to buy a [Read More…]

13 Sep 2019

11 Tips to Stay Healthy on Business Class Flights

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1.       Hydrate – The humidity level in cabin is equivalent to that of a tropical desert, so drink lots of water, or some soothing herbal tea. Dehydration can [Read More…]

6 Sep 2019

The Better Business Bureau warns of scammers impersonating popular travel site.


The Better Business Bureau is warning consumers of scammers impersonating popular travel booking sites, including booking.com.

Prospective travelers, believing they are working with [Read More…]

6 Sep 2019

What is Mobile Passport?


The last thing we want to do after an international flight home is wait in a themepark-length line through customs.

There’s a way to [Read More…]

22 Aug 2019

Travel Ban on MacBook Pro Laptops

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If you own a MacBook Pro, you may not be able to bring it on your next trip.

Last week, the FAA banned MacBook [Read More…]

9 Aug 2019

How to Get a Refund on a Non-refundable Ticket


What happens if you cancel or change your flight due to unforeseen circumstances? Airlines require that you pay a hefty fee, but there are some loopholes and workarounds, [Read More…]

1 Aug 2019

5 Best Business Class Seats for Couples


(from Upgraded Points)

Qatar Airways QSuite

Qatar Airways [Read More…]

26 Jul 2019

What Did You Forget to Pack?


Do you make a checklist of what you need to pack for your next trip, check it, and check it again—or do you fly by the seat [Read More…]

19 Jul 2019

Are Resort Fees Illegal?


Have you ever stayed at a hotel and found the bill upon check-out was $95 more a night than you expected, despite never ordering room service, and [Read More…]