While we are counting down the minutes till the new year (goodBYE, 2020!!), we are just as eager to start booking spring and summer travel again. Admittedly, nothing will be returning to normal in the new year… but travel has always found a way to adapt to the times. And right now, there’s a unique opportunity to plan the trip of a lifetime

With an increase in testing availability and the Covid-19 vaccine on the horizon, savvy travelers are taking advantage of the historically-low fares and no-fee change policies that airlines are offering to book their dream trips at unbelievable prices. Though flexible cancellation policies will continue into the foreseeable future, airfare and hotel rates are already starting its ascent to pre-pandemic prices. Before the window of opportunity closes, cash in on the incredible deals available now and start planning your trip today.

After a year like none other, Cook Travel experts weigh in on why 2021 is shaping up to be the best year yet for travel.

Far away vacations, for way less. Pent up wanderlust has many travelers looking farther than normal for their vacations. And frankly, they aren’t wrong to do so: outrageously low round trip fares to Asia, South America, and Europe are popping up all the time as airlines continue to entice flyers back into the skies. 

Splurge-worthy digs. As travel resumes, many vacationers are embracing the suite life and upgrading their stays. Despite some unbearable lows, the pandemic also revealed how nice it is to slow down and relax. Fluffy hotel robes, room service and extra amenities make it all the easier to embrace a slower pace and truly enjoy every amenity offered. 

Luxe travel puts safety first. Health and safety will continue to be a priority, especially during travel. Business class and first class seats ensure travelers have ample space to themselves so they can relax at a distance from other passengers. 

Total flexibility. Most hotels, airlines, vacation rentals and cruise liners are offering incredibly flexible reservation policies. If you come across a particularly great deal on a cruise or hotel stay and are comfortable with the reservation’s change policy, book it now. Prices are predicted to hike in the coming months.

No more travel headaches.  Every country has its own rules and restrictions for tourists and nothing is set in stone. Testing requirements and quarantine-rules are changing all the time and can be hard to keep up. Now more than ever, working with a travel agent ensures you are well-informed with up-to-the-minute notifications if anything changes between booking and travel. Peace of mind truly is priceless. 

Don’t be surprised with the high demand. Most weddings, honeymoons, anniversary trips, and family reunions were rescheduled for 2021, leaving venues and vacation homes scrambling to sort out guest stays. Being flexible with your dates will ensure you can still snag your dream hotel suite or vacation spot. Even better, remote work—which is the norm for most of us—can afford you the ability to add another day or two to work by the pool.