If you think a bouquet of blooms is a great gift for the mothers in your life, think again. The pandemic is on its way out, and we’ve all been sitting at home staring at our gardens for the last 2 years, anyways. The world is opening up more each day, and this summer is on track to be a busy one, with 40% of Americans taking leisure trips in the coming months. Wouldn’t she rather go to Europe? So, skip the tedious tulips and get the frequent-flying women in your life things they’ll actually use for their upcoming jaunts across the pond. 

  1. Whether a luddite or a tech-junkie, every woman on the go needs a safe, secure, water-proof nylon case to keep things organized–to go with the business class tickets to Paris you’re going to give her. From earbuds to phone chargers to your phone, this case is designed to perfectly fit inside any of the Away brand’s suitcases and weighs less than 4oz. Spilled water bottle? This case is a tech saver. 
  2. More travel means potentially more run-ins with Covid-19, and if there’s anyone we want to be safe and stress-free it’s the moms in our lives. Whether testing as a safety measure before seeing loved ones or just as a requirement to re-enter the United States, The Cue Health device allows you to complete a self-test and receive results on your phone in a record 20 minutes. The option for proctored tests accepted for travel is a bit costlier but is available for those that purchase a membership. Cue+ Complete includes unlimited proctored testing, and this can be a massive time and money saver for the frequent flyers among us. No more chasing down proper testing abroad. Pro tip: you can even include other family members in the membership plan! 
  3. Moms need to remain hydrated–actually, we all do, but this Sunday, it’s all about the leading ladies in our lives! Keep her healthy and happy with these tablets, specially formulated to pack in five essential electrolytes without sugar additives. This is particularly important since the body requires a different balance of electrolytes throughout the day, and keeping hydrated is of paramount importance, particularly while flying–fun fact, the human body loses about 8oz of hydration per hour on an aircraft at altitude. Drink up! 
  4. Whether mom is a carry-on or a checked bag gal, monogrammed suitcases are a surefire way to give the gift of both style and functionality. A favorite of celebrities, Lily & Bean London is known for personalized luggage that looks undeniably luxe. 

This gift was too cute to leave off our list but is perhaps better for mom to leave at home than bring it abroad. This small, family-owned business is making a real splash with its unique high-end candles, each one named after a well-known airport code from around the world, drawing inspiration from travel to these iconic spots. With a burn time of over 60 hours, these candles are tailor-made for those with wanderlust. NRT, for instance, which stands for Tokyo Narita, has notes of black fig, hinoki, and cedar wood like the trees in the Shibuya area. CDG (Paris) is an homage to Parisian roses. Honolulu’s HNL candle is popular for its pineapple and sugar-cane notes.