Flight prices will rise 2.9% in 2019, according to the Global Business Travel Association. But here at Cook Travel, we have some insider tips and tricks for getting lower fares.

Fly at the right time

Cheap days by season: Europe flights

• Winter: January to March is a cheap time to fly to Europe, but seasonal deals give way to sharp increases starting March 20.

• Spring: Weekend fares in April become increasingly expensive, but spring prices are cheaper than summer so try to fly before the early summer season begins on May 23.

• Summer: If you fly in late June, your ticket will cost on average from 60 to 70 percent more than you would have paid in January. The good news is, prices actually drop a bit in July and drop again in late August and early September. To save on summer, simply avoid flights in the second half of June.

• Asia: Not much seasonal price variation, but you can often save by flying midweek days.

• Australia: May, just before the start of Australia’s winter season, is generally a cheap month to fly.

Fly to the right place

One exception to the rising flight costs will be Japan. Prices are expected to drop about four percent in 2019 due to Japan’s increased capacity in preparing for the 2020 Olympic Games.
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Fly with the right people

You will rarely get a great deal directly from the airlines. Instead, you should compare between airlines, and plan ahead so that you can fly at the cheapest and most convenient times. For tricky itineraries and international flights, it is best to have a trusted travel agent help in managing your travel. Travel agencies get discounts from the airlines, and the expertise of travel agents will help you get where you want to go for the best price.

Flying business class, first class, and premium economy with the help of a professional travel agent can yield thousands of dollars in discounts.