1. You can only get a double bed in business.

The cost of manufacturing just one business class seat can be over $80,000. There is fierce competition between airlines when it comes to developing new seats for business class—seats that are more luxurious, more comfortable, and more conducive to sleeping in the air. One thing you can find in business class, but you definitely won’t find in coach: a double bed. On some airlines (such as Singapore Airways and Qatar Airways,) two business class seats together are converted into a bed that fits two people. So, if you’re traveling internationally with your honey, consider seats that convert into a bed you can share.

2. Business class food.

Creating food that tastes fantastic in the air is tricky, hence all those stand-up stereotypes about airline food. But for a while now, airlines have turned to experienced celebrity chefs to help curate menus to be enjoyed solely in the air, including Chef Charlie Trotter for United Airlines and Chef Michelle Bernstein for Delta. Nik Loukas of the Instagram Inflight Feed has a passion for airline food and believes that “airlines are really trying hard to outdo each other.” One of his favorite meals was in Business Class on Scandinavian Airlines, which he says was “like dining in a cool, Scandinavian restaurant.”

3. In-seat storage.

Many a frequent flier has encountered annoying hats and bags placed by fellow passengers in the overhead storage bins. You don’t have to bother as much with overhead bin storage in business class. Many international business class seats come with in-seat storage, which means you can keep many of your belongings close, and access them whenever you’d like throughout your flight. Whether that’s a book, your tablet, your makeup, or your medications, there are plenty of good uses for in-seat storage that will make your flight all the more comfortable.