Inspired by “The 9 most affordable airlines to fly in business class” by Alex Bresler

1. La Compagnie
La Compagnie is an all-business-class boutique airline offering some of the best business class deals around. You can fly from Newark to Nice roundtrip for $1,300, and Newark to Paris roundrip for $1,400. Every flight has 76 lay-flat seats, so you will arrive well-rested.

2. Turkish Airlines
Turkish Airlines flies to 120 countries, more than any other airline, and services a total of 302 destinations across Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Americas. They were voted the best business class in Europe for five years in a row, and are a favorite for travelers to Israel. You get better service on Turkish than most airlines, and often for half the price.

3. Hawaiian Airlines
You can get from Los Angeles to Kauai for under $500, or NYC to Tokyo for around $1500 in the Extra Comfort cabin (a hybrid between economy and business) if you play your cards right. Naturally, you’ll get the most bang for your buck in the off-season, but Hawaiian Airlines is also competitive during summer and over the holidays.

4. Jetstar Airways
Jetstar Airways is a low-cost carrier and subsidiary of Qantas Airlines. It flies between North America, Asia, and Oceania, offering premium seating on select international routes. There’s no denying you’ll get the budget-business treatment, meaning no fully lie-flat seats, but you’ll still get way more sleep than you would in an economy cabin.

5. British Airways
The airline is a solid choice for transatlantic flights and makes getting from US hubs to European cities in the Club World (business class) cabin for under $2000  doable.

6. Icelandair
It’s almost worth flying business class to Reykjavik for the breakfast spread in Keflavik International Airport’s Saga Class Lounge alone. Little touches like hot towels and chilled Champagne make all the difference when you upgrade on Icelandair, especially if you’re traveling internationally. The carrier flies to most major European cities, and has done a lot to market itself to North American travelers in recent years, so you might just come across an offer you can’t refuse.

7. JetBlue
Travelers with high standards and low budgets can opt to fly premium (regarded as business class rather than economy plus) with JetBlue Mint, which has had coast-to-coast deals for under $500 in the past. You can also keep an eye on seasonal flights to the Caribbean from Boston or NYC.

8. Aer Lingus
You don’t need the luck of the Irish to get good business-class deals on Aer Lingus. It goes without saying that the airline is an obvious choice for flights to Ireland, but it’s also great for flights between the US or Canada and continental Europe. Business-class seats aren’t always cheap, but Aer Lingus regularly beats out its competitors on transatlantic routes, making it a great airline to get you across the pond.

9. Norwegian Air
Norwegian Air advertises itself as the best low-cost airline in the world for long-haul flights. That’s a big claim, but the carrier has a long list of awards to back it up. Norwegian Air is perfect for budget travelers looking for a little more comfort within the three-figure price range. For a bit more than you’d pay for economy, albeit still less than you would on other airlines, you can enjoy perks like armrests you don’t have to battle your neighbor for and legroom that actually lives up to its name.

10. Avianca
Avianca is huge in Latin America. There’s no escaping it when searching for flights to Bogotá or Buenos Aires, which is a good thing considering it generally has great offers on both economy and business seats.