Some things just belong together: peanut butter and jelly; business class seats and business class lounges.

But Emirates has begun selling business class tickets that are not eligible for typical business class perks, including access to a business class lounge.

These discounted business class tickets are called “Special” business class. One could draw comparison to the “basic” economy tickets that have been recently introduced by airlines—tickets that get you an airplane seat but little else. (No advance seat selection, no use of overhead bins, etc.)

So, what exactly is excluded in “Special” Business Class on Emirates—or should we call it “Basic” Business?

In addition to no lounge access, you are not permitted an Emirates chauffeur to the airport, and you don’t have the ability to upgrade to first class with miles. Also, your seat selection is restricted, which means you can only select seat assignments after check-in opens.

Undoubtedly, those that don’t care for the frills that come with business class will opt for these tickets.

Because these tickets have just been introduced, it’s hard to say how much money you will save purchasing a “special” business class ticket. But it’s likely that other airlines will follow Emirates’s lead and start unbundling their business class offerings.

What might this look like for consumers if other airlines unbundle their business class? Paying separately for your meal on an international flight, paying to select your seat in business class, paying to flush the toilet? (Alright, maybe that last one’s a stretch.)

Would you buy a “Special” Business Class ticket, or do you like having lounge access and making seat selections in advance?

Let us know.