You’ll have the best chance of not getting airsick if you get a good night’s rest, drink lots of water, avoid fatty foods for a couple days (as well as lots of alcohol), and sit in first or business class, where there is less movement of the plane.

But if it so happens you’re up late the night before, drinking alcohol, eating burgers, and forgetting all about hydration, here are some ways you can prevent and alleviate air sickness when you depart the next day.

Eat ginger, mint, or peppermint. Ginger candy is easy to find and quick to deploy if you begin to get airsick. Ginger ale is another good option, and it will more than likely be available on the plane. Mint or peppermint tea may help to reduce nausea—and it’s really easy to fit tea bags into your carry-on. (You’ll just have to ask for hot water.)

While the research is still out on how effective they are, for less than 20 dollars you can get a wristband to help with airsickness. Sea Bands and Psi Bands are popular, and they work in the same way—they apply pressure to the acupressure point between your tendons, and three fingers up from your wrist. Pressure here is supposed to reduce nausea, so if you don’t have a band and you’re desperate for relief, you can also just press down with your fingers.

Airsickness is caused by your body sensing that you’re moving when the input from your eyes make your brain think that you’re not. So, if you begin to feel queasy, standing up and walking to the bathroom can help with this. Alternatively, reading and using electronic devices increase your chance of getting airsick. If you are sitting in a seat near a window, focusing on the horizon rather than a static point in front of you can help.

If the other remedies fail, motion sickness medications exist, and if you frequently get airsick on planes, it might be worth a chat with your doctor. Some motion sickness medications like Dramamine are available over the counter, but like with any medication, you may suffer unpleasant side effects.

Lastly, there is less motion towards the front of the plane, so you will be better off purchasing a first or business class ticket from one of our experienced agents at Cook Travel.