Most Expensive Airline Seats

3. Emirates advertises their Boeing 777 First Class as “more like a flying hotel room.” This private first class seat is designed by Mercedes Benz, and offers you control over nearly everything: your seat, your lighting, your temperature, even when you want to order food (and when you do order food, you order via video call.) Emirates Boeing 777 was voted World’s Best First Class this year by TripAdvisor, and The Points Guy calls it “the best first class product I’ve ever flown”–not only is it the “most private” but it is also the “most high tech.” For example, if you take a suite in the middle rather than the sides of the plane, you will be treated to virtual windows. A New York – Dubai round trip will cost you roughly $15,000.  

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Emirates Boeing 777 First Class

2. Singapore Airlines is well-known for becoming the first airlines with a privately enclosed suite–and even has a double bed. Introduced in 2008, the suites on Singapore are synonymous with ultra-luxury. You will drink Dom Perignon and dine on courses such as Malossol Caviar with Lobster-Fennel Salad. When you’d like to sleep, staff will put your seat flat and make up the bed for you. Our favorite comment about Singapore Airline’s Suite, though: “Interestingly enough, my suitcases weren’t even weighed. I suppose when you fly Suites, you can pack a luggage filled with gold bars and get away with it.” A New York – Singapore round trip will set you back about $20,000.

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Singapore Airlines Suite

1. Topping the list for most expensive airline tickets is The Residence on Etihad. Costing $31,000 for a New York – Abu Dhabi round trip, The Residence is truly the first class of first class. Flying on this ticket means you will have a private bedroom with a full bed, a bathroom including shower and heated floors, and a living room with a private butler. You will have an exclusive airport lounge INSIDE an exclusive airport lounge. You will choose when you’d like to eat, and chefs will prepare your food exactly as you like. The Residence is only available on 10 planes in Etihad’s fleet, and flies between Abu Dhabi and New York, Paris, London, and Sydney.

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Etihad The Residence Living Room
Business class travel in style bathroom
Etihad The Residence Bathroom
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Etihad The Residence Bedroom