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Halloween may be over a month away, but Cook Travel knows that flying coach is still the scariest thing you can do. This is why we want to share with you an article published in Consumer Reports: How to Save Money Flying Business Class.

In it, Barbara Peterson discusses the high prices you can end up paying for premium-class tickets (sometimes 10 times the price of coach!) and how to snag the best prices for these flights. Hint: It’s not by booking online.

“The airlines want to fill every seat, but they don’t want to be seen as discounting their own fares,” says Blake Fleetwood, president of Cook Travel, a broker in New York. So, Fleetwood explains, the airlines turn to discount ticket brokers who can discreetly offload unsold first- and business-class seats at steep savings.

What does all this mean? Brokers like Cook Travel are your best bet for getting discounted business-class tickets.

“Cook Travel recently offered a nonstop business-class fare from New York to London in early December on a major U.S. carrier for $3,658—more than 40 percent off the price of other nonstop flights during the same period,” writes Peterson.

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