Cook Travel’s agents have been scoring the best business class deals for over 40 years. 

Business class is still not cheaper than premium economy, however, and some clients debate which they would prefer to their next international vacation. Would they like to save even more money by opting for premium economy, or would they rather have the lay-flat seats found in business class?

With the see-saw strategy, you can have both.

The idea is this: fly business class to your destination, so you can get a luxurious sleep in a lay-flat seat, and arrive well-rested and ready for activity. Then, on the return, fly premium economy. 

This “seesaw” strategy is perfect for the traveler who is leaving at night for an international destination and wants a flat bed in order to be energized when they arrive. Returning flights from Europe are often during the day when you wouldn’t be looking to sleep.

As we discussed in our article “Discount Sweet Spot: Premium Economy,” premium economy shares a lot of similarities with business class.

– Like first and business class, premium economy passengers have their own priority check-in lines.
– You can expect around 6 extra inches of legroom.
– There are upgraded food and beverage options.
– There are more entertainment options.

And, of course, it will save you money. Just take a look at this itinerary:

Flying both ways on British Airways from JFK to LHR will cost $3,025. If instead you flew business class to London and premium back, you will pay $2,396.* 

The strategy is called seesaw after the playground equipment, but we like to think of the seesaw strategy like this: fly business class before you “see,” and return on premium after you can say you “saw.” 

*(These are sample fares with a 60 days advance.)